Sunday, August 2, 2009

Super Suit

This is a suit that has lots of protective gear and gadgets for spies and superheroes, both duck and human. We got the idea when we were outfitting SuperCardinal with a new special suit.

It's a little like the GI Joe suit, but not exactly. That one's for soldiers and this one is for, like we said, spies and superheroes.

Growing Flower Umbrella

This umbrella is shaped like a flower, and when you open it up in the rain, it grows in proportion to how hard it's raining. So for example if it's raining really hard you'll have a really bg umbrella.

Then it gets smaller again if it's raining less.

When you're done you can plant it in your garden or wear it on your lapel.

About Us: Ducky and Glad Duck

We are DuckyBoy's imaginary friends.

We are scientists.

Our laboratory starts underneath the playground next to his school, but it's really under the whole wide world. You enter via the crack in the tree trunk near the park's entrance.

We sometimes go to New Zealand for a break, but we always come back sooner or later. Especially when DB and his mom call Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Foster's calls us and makes us come back.

This is our blog for our inventions and adventures. Thanks for visiting!